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Dental Specialities

Multispeciality Dental Centre
• State of art equipment at the dental centre has revolutionized dental treatment in terms of patient comfort, operating time with special emphasis on highest standards of asepsis to eliminate cross infections.
The Therapeutic facilities available in the DENTAL Centre are
Orthodontics : In Child And Adult (Metal and Tooth Colored braces)
Proshthodontics: Crowns, Dentures , Bridges, Implants etc
Oral Surgery: Jaw fracture fixation( surgical / non surgical), Cyst removals.
Periodontics: Scaling Curettage and gum treatment.
Pedodontics/child dentistry : fillings , stainless steel crowns, pulp treatment
Conservative dentistry / Endodontia: fillings (tooth coloured), root canals etc
                 Besides all the above an opportunity to Cosmetically improve your smile with Bleaching , Smile designing and Orthodontics

Orthodontics :
Correction and alignment of Irregular /crooked teeth by fixed/removable orthodontic appliances . Regulation of jaw growth in children with growth modulation orthodontic appliances.Transparent and tooth coloured orthodontic brackets and lingual orthodontic appliances are also available for those conscious of metal braces.

Prosthodontics :
Loss of teeth is a significant cause of impaired chewing ability, changed facial appearance and diminished self-confidence. Facilities for replacement of missing teeth with conventional acrylic/ flexible vinyl dentures (partial & complete), metal partial dentures, fixed crown and bridges .In addition, maxillofacial prosthesis are fabricated to rehabilitate patients with defects due to oral cancers.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:
Extraction of simple and impacted teeth, apicoectomies, surgical removal of cysts and tumors of the jaws, reduction / fixation of fractured jaws by latest techniques.

Periodontics :
Treatment of gum diseases ,Correction of deep Periodontal, bony defects are carried out by artificial bone grafting processes. Flaps surgery and various gum treatment procedure are also done besides ultra sonic scaling and polishing of teeth.

Dental Implantology :
Dental implants for rehabilitation of cases where conventional methods of tooth replacement are not feasible or as an adjunct to conventional single/ multiple tooth replacement. A patient with a single missing tooth can have it replaced solitarily and Denture wearers can benefit with a additional support to the existing denture or convert to completely fixed set of teeth in their mouth.

Preventive & Paediatric Dentistry:
Preventionand treatment of dental caries and interceptive procedures for prevention of developing dental abnormalities in children are available in the hospital.

Conservative Dentistry / Endodontics :
Restoration / filling of teeth, Root canal treatment are undertaken in the hospital. Also, cosmetic tooth colored restorations and bleaching or whitening of teeth are done in the department .
Diagnostic Facility
Dental X-rays are available:
IOPA Radiographs